Pathfinder character contemplation

Since moving to my current city in August 2013, most of my offline social interaction has come in the form of playing Pathfinder, a tabletop roleplaying game which has its origins in the revised 3rd edition of Dungeons and Dragons, with friends and acquaintances every week or so.

In the last month or so, our progress through the Skulls and Shackles adventure path (in which the players are pirates), as we near the end of the first book, prompted the group’s Game Master to ask what the group wants to do next- continue the Skulls and Shackles adventure path, or possibly do something else entirely. This also prompted the other campaign I’m participating in, in which the first group’s Game Master and I play a campaign in the world of Eberron with Pathfinder rules, to consider what we’d like to do next. It was decided that the Skulls and Shackles campaign would continue and the other group would add another member (possibly two) and begin the Rise of the Runelords adventure path.

After finishing a battle on Sunday of this week, the Game Master and the two of us who are definitely playing Rise of the Runelords discussed the campaign, some character ideas, and various housekeeping matters (ability score generation, hit point calculations, etc.). From the sound of it, it sounds like our party of 3 so far is going to have a half-orc fighter, an inquisitor (apparently a spontaneous divine caster, like a divine equivalent to the bard), and I decided to assume the mantle of arcane caster by choosing a half-elf sorceror. I’ve thought a sorceror sounded interesting, but most of my characters to date have been skilled (a rogue, a couple bards, a cleric, a ranger, a barbarian, a fighter, and a rogue/wizard multiclass) and not very magical. I also typically play humans, but the player’s guide for the Rise of the Runelords adventure path said low-light vision or darkvision would be helpful. My next major decision is deciding on my sorceror’s bloodline (though I might eventually need to pick sex/gender too).

One thing that I find very intriguing about sorcerors in Pathfinder are the bloodlines, which grant various abilities and options to the character as a result of the strong magical source in their ancestry, whether this is an ancestor who was an accomplished wizard, a dragon or elemental outsider who contributed to their heritage, or the result of an ancestor’s pact with a devil (among various other options). I haven’t decided yet which to choose, because there are several that seem potentially useful. I’ve been wanting to play a sorceror with the Undead bloodline for a long time, but I’m not sure if that would be the best choice, and I’ve decided I need to read about the various bloodline options and the player’s guide for the adventure path again.

At least for now, I have plenty of time to decide – next Sunday I believe we have a cave system to finish exploring in Skulls and Shackles, and we’ll probably be meeting to begin Rise of the Runelords the Sunday after that.

Spring break has been enjoyable so far, and it’ll be even more enjoyable once I get off work at 8 tonight and have three consecutive days off (!) for the first time in a while.


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