I haven’t written here for a couple weeks, and something made me think I should write a post instead of doing anything actually productive.

Today marks the beginning of the third week of my summer class, which going well, for the most part. I think it’s interesting that the teacher is a graduate student who’s about my age, but I’ve thought that was interesting when it happened before (for a chemistry lab during the fall 2013 semester). One day during the first week she asked if anyone knew about Myers-Briggs types, and I raised my hand and helped her remember several of the dichotomies. She is apparently an INFP. Other interesting things about the class include the two older gentlemen taking the class – I think they’re probably both in their 60s, but one’s a history major and the other is some kind of business triple major, majoring in finance and two other related majors I can never remember. I remember wondering what the class would be like – at 24, I’m barely a non-traditional student, so I wasn’t really afraid of being the oldest person in the class, but it seems slightly more likely to happen now than it would have been when I was a “traditional” college student, or at least when I was taking classes before I turned 23 (which I believe is the age beyond which my current university considers a student “non-traditional”). Other than them, and one girl who said she was still in high school (almost making me envy people who live in college towns and can therefore take college classes on campus before graduating high school), most of my classmates appear to be traditional college students. For that matter, now that I think about it, I probably don’t look like a non-traditional student (see above about being barely non-traditional).

In other news, I’m looking forward to the end of this week. After working until midnight last night and 5-9 PM Friday, Saturday, today, tomorrow, and Wednesday, I’m currently planning on visiting family, though it will only be a brief visit. Originally I had a dentist appointment scheduled for Friday, but then that had to be rescheduled. Around a month ago, I made plans with the young woman I’ve been texting since late February to (finally) meet this Friday, and after some uncertainty while I decided whether I should change plans, I decided to proceed as planned, so that should be interesting. If nothing else, staying up late texting is entertaining. I probably should get more than 4 hours of sleep tonight, though that has more relation to my procrastination/lack of effort on the first project for my writing class, rather than being distracted by flirtatious text messages. If I had been more diligent (story of my life) last week, when I was supposed to be working on it, I presumably wouldn’t be as stressed this weekend, though somehow I wasn’t motivated enough to actually make any progress.

Even with coffee, I think 7 hours of sleep over two days is about my limit. Tonight I’m thinking about going to bed before 3 AM, but it remains to be seen exactly what happens. I’ve had some ideas lately that I finally listed and am thinking about incorporating into a project, but I think I’ll write about those later.


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