Look Down

Ten days seems to be approximately the amount of time that passes before I realize that I haven’t written here for a while.

Thankfully, as of last Wednesday (the 19th) I no longer have stitches on my right hand, so I have two fully functional hands again. The nurse that took the first stitch out had to go get another nurse to help take out the other 3, but aside from the wound hurting a bit after the stitches came out, and it being a bit sensitive over the next few days (mostly when I changed gloves at work), it still hasn’t troubled me much and seems to be healing nicely.

A couple days after my last entry, I was able to get together with “F” (the girl I’ve been texting since late February who I’ve written about before) and we watched Sweeney Todd and The Princess Bride at my apartment. Both of these were movies that I hadn’t seen, and (at least in the case of The Princess Bride) we had discussed watching them at some point. Unfortunately, I had to work that night, but it was nice finally knowing the context of various quotes I’ve encountered from the Princess Bride. I had a couple friends in high school who were big Tim Burton fans, and for some reason I seem to vividly remember hearing them talking about Sweeney Todd one day in (probably) 2008 while walking in a parking lot, but that scenario seems like an odd thing to vividly remember. Last Saturday F and I watched Les Miserables, which was another movie we had discussed watching, and I enjoyed it.

One problem with watching musicals, of course, is that the music gets stuck in your head. The last couple days at work I had snippets of “Look Down”, “Do You Hear the People Sing?”, and “Master of the House” stuck in my head, and last weekend it was the opening lines of “No Place Like London” and possibly other songs from Sweeney Todd. I may have hummed “Look Down” for most of the last couple hours of my shift at work last night.

The fall semester started last Monday, and so far I like all of my classes. I was unable to get all of my classes on Tuesday and Thursday, but I only have Business Law on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. German, Accounting, and Microeconomics are all on Tuesday and Thursday, and so far I think Accounting might be my least favorite class, if only because it seems like a lot of tedious work and memorization. It doesn’t help that my Business Law, German, and Microeconomics instructors are all funny, while the accounting professor is less entertaining, but nobody ever said accounting had to be entertaining, I suppose.

I liked my work schedule for this week and last. 24 hours a week, given an 8 hour shift, means working 3 nights, which in my case meant Sunday, Friday, and Saturday nights. This past weekend seemed slow by comparison, though I think the local public schools starting on the 13th probably affected business, among other things. As far as I remember, the night of the 14th was unusually busy, so last Friday being relatively average as far as number of pizzas probably affects my perception of how busy we were.

In other news, last week some friends (my roommate’s sister and her husband, specifically) moved out of the apartment complex we all lived in, and I accepted their offer of most of the contents of their pantry, refrigerator, and freezer. I didn’t help them move much, though I did help by helping take a load of stuff to be donated, and after taking their food, I felt like I didn’t need to go grocery shopping for a while. I still don’t think I need to any time soon, though I should probably be more aggressive about using up some things. I had to take some meat (about a pound of Italian sausage and a pound of ground turkey) out of the freezer to free up some space, and, depending on how much I feel like cooking, I’ve been slowly using it and the sweetcorn I brought from home a few weeks ago. There’s only 3 ears of sweetcorn left, so I might have that for lunch tomorrow. Today for lunch I had 2 ears of sweetcorn with a sandwich, which I made from 2 slices of bread toasted with 2 slices of cheese and some ground turkey and spicy barbecue sauce (“inherited” from my friends that moved) so that was good.

That’s what I’ve been up to lately. I have some homework I should probably do before class tomorrow, never mind going over the material we covered in Business Law today, and I should probably do laundry at some point in the next few days. I’ve been thinking in the last few days about writing the California “history” from the EU4 Super States mod, but that hasn’t happened yet. Maybe I’ll write something here before the end of this month.


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