Have I really not written here for over two weeks?

I requested last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (April 3-5) off from work, expecting to get only those three days and hoping to be able to go home for Easter with my brother. To my pleasant surprise, I instead got nearly 2 weeks off work, which ends tonight. Tomorrow and Saturday I work until midnight, and Friday (my 24th birthday[!]), I only work until 8 PM. It being a Friday night, however, I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up having to stay at least a few minutes late. 

Since my brother’s last class got out at noon on Wednesday, we had planned that I would pick him up on campus shortly thereafter and we could start the roughly 5 hour drive home. That wound up happening slightly later than planned, which I think was primarily due to my not start packing until the morning of the trip. We got home after an uneventful 5-hour drive and stopping once just short of halfway through our journey for a snack.

Since my family’s house is in the very gradual process of renovation, and I haven’t lived at home for nearly 2 years, my room has been a convenient storage area. Since I brought my bed to Springfield, and a local store was going out of business, my parents had a recently purchased air mattress in my room for me to sleep on, in contrast to sleeping on the couch (which I think I’ve done every time I’ve been home since I moved out). Early Thursday morning, about midnight, a thunderstorm went through, and as I was settling in one of our Golden Retrievers jumped on the mattress with me because she apparently doesn’t like storms. I went to sleep about 1 AM with one dog on the mattress and woke up about 4:45 AM teetering on the edge of the mattress, which I was sharing with two of our three Golden Retrievers. I thought about trying to go back to sleep, but wound up staying up for the rest of the day until I went to bed early the next morning, maybe around 2. Friday I slept until almost 1 and, because he had come over for a few hours, my brother and I met the boy that my 15-year-old sister has apparently been texting. Neither can drive, and they live on opposite sides of the county, so it could be worse. We didn’t talk much, but something he said or did as getting ready to leave made me glad I was no longer a high school freshman.

Before I went to bed Saturday morning, I talked to my mom about the lunar eclipse and she said to set my alarm for 6:45. I did so before I went to bed about 3 AM, and she woke my siblings and I up at 5 AM. I didn’t really mind, but my siblings were much less appreciative. The eclipse was supposed to be best viewed on the US West Coast and in the Pacific, but from our latitude we were able to see the total eclipse shortly before the moon set around 7 AM. It did get a little cold sitting outside for 2 hours, but we started a fire and I had some coffee. Later that morning my family (plus my brother’s girlfriend, also home for Easter from her university) went over to my paternal grandparents for Easter brunch. After we ate, we played dominos for a while before most of my family (Mom, brother, sister, brother’s girlfriend) went to help with the church Easter egg hunt. That evening we had a hot dog roast and made s’mores around the fire pit.

Sunday morning I got up with my brother and father for the Easter sunrise service, though I got up late and, since we live a mile from the church, were able to get the last available seats. As the service ended, the sun came up, and breakfast afterwards was various egg casseroles and pastries (a not universally welcomed change from our usual Easter breakfast of rolls and pastries, but I thought they were good). Most of the rest of the day I spent packing and getting ready to leave before we left. The sun was visible until about halfway through our trip, after which it was cloudy the rest of the way.

Since Sunday, I haven’t done much. I had thought about inviting some friends over for dinner earlier tonight (well, last night, since it’s currently a few minutes after midnight), but it turned out one of them had an evening class, so I decided to not cook. In the same vein, I was going to go to the grocery store yesterday, but after waking up at 10 I kept putting it off until now, at which point it’s looking like I’ll have to go tomorrow (well, later today). Worst-case scenario I suppose I could always go after work – it may mean going at midnight, but at least there probably wouldn’t be very many people there.


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