a heady cocktail

I haven’t posted anything here in a while, and now seems like a good time to change that.

I’ve been texting a girl since late February. I don’t remember when Myers-Briggs types first appeared in our conversation, but I thought it was quite interesting to learn that she is also an INTJ with a weak Judging/Perceiving preference. INTJs are among the rarest Myers-Briggs types at 1-3% of the population, and female INTJs are especially rare, being something like 0.5 to 1% of the population. This is relevant because my recent recreational research topics (i.e., recent Google queries) have included things like “INTJ-INTJ relationships” (of which I’ve read all of the first few pages of Google results), “typical relationship timeline”, and the meaning of the emoticon 😉 in a text message. I suspect I’m currently forgetting others, but if there are any they’ve been generally along those lines due to the heady cocktail of what I suspect to be oxytocin and whatever other “feeling”-related chemicals that have been flooding my brain lately.

Earlier this week, while reading about “typical relationship timeline”, I thought it was quite interesting to read people saying that they typically preferred to “define the relationship” and discuss exclusivity after about 2 or 3 months of dating. Suddenly, my previous experience with (pseudo-)dating made sense – last summer, after asking a friend that lives in another city if she’d be interested in going on a date at some point, we corresponded via Facebook chat and text message for just under two months (after previously corresponding via those media for two or three months prior) before mutually agreeing to be just friends. I don’t remember now if I had previously conducted any research along these lines, but suddenly that particular conversation made sense. I distinctly remember that for some period of time I had considered the date as being in the future, at least until this friend made a Facebook post about how she had only dated INTJs and tagged me as being among that number, which was something of a pleasant surprise since I hadn’t considered us to be dating before then. I suppose that’s what I get for being completely uninterested in romantic relationships until my freshman year of college and having no experience in that arena.

For some reason I thought there was more I was going to write on this topic, but now that I can’t think of it, and feel like I’ve met my self-disclosure quota for the week (month?), I’ll close with a brief description of this morning’s dream. Last night the text message conversation with Current Correspondent ended abruptly just before 1:30 AM, which has led me to assume that maybe she fell asleep. At any rate, immediately before I woke up this morning I dreamt that I woke up because she sent me like 5 text messages, which (if I remember correctly) featured apologizing for falling asleep last night, a few potential names of future children (I think they were supposed to somehow be combinations of our names, though the few I remember definitely weren’t), and suggesting meeting in person. Other than vaguely discussing future plans, like a few 80s movies I apparently need to see, we haven’t really made anything resembling firm plans. I think it would be weird if someone texted me names of our future children before we even met “in person”, to say nothing of doing so before any kind of exclusive relationship was established. Honestly, I haven’t even decided if I want kids yet, and I generally feel like I should gain some experience with dating, at least (to say nothing of getting a better job, and maybe finishing college) before I even consider reproducing.

Overall this entry seems simultaneously way too personal and acceptably vague. I don’t expect this (by which I mean “talking about my current or former relationships”) to become a regular thing, but I suppose we’ll see. I’ll have to post more about other recreation and recent events later.


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