Contemplating dreams

The impending end of one month, and the start of a new month, has made me want to start a new “project” (writing, gaming, writing about a game, etc.). This momentary urge is absurd, because I already have 3 ideas I’m more or less currently working on (really, 2 plus one I’ve barely touched). The good news is that my semester is almost over, and since my Business Applications class is absurdly easy (almost certainly the easiest college class I’ve taken, or am likely to take), this means that, at least in theory, I’ll have slightly more time in which to write, game, etc. In practice, I’m not sure how much more time I’m actually likely to have, considering how much time I (don’t) spend working on this class. I suppose every hour helps, though.

For the past week or so, I’ve had a somewhat irregular sleep schedule. Last Friday afternoon I made the mistake of drinking coffee, so after finishing my coffee around 4:30 PM I was unable to fall asleep before roughly 7:30 the next morning (after spending 3 or 4 hours trying to fall asleep). Other than that, I’ve mostly been going to bed before then – I remember at least one day (Monday?) where I was going to bed about 5 AM (and really, my working until midnight doesn’t help in this area), but last night/this morning I was almost proud of myself for going to bed at 2 AM this morning after getting up about 11:30 AM Tuesday and spending most of my day off in front of my computer, which sounds really pathetic and boring when I say it like that.

After going to bed about 2 AM, I think I fell asleep relatively quickly. After having a couple dreams, I woke up about 5:30 AM, wrote down what I could remember about my odd dreams, and then spent some time looking at stuff on my phone before I finally decided to not bother with trying to get back to sleep. I have far too much experience with sleep deprivation, which is only aided by coffee, that magical elixir that seems to completely eliminate any symptoms of sleep deprivation and fatigue. Maybe I’ll be able to fall asleep before 3 tomorrow morning.

I usually think my dreams are interesting, in either the “fascinating” or “bizarre” definition of the word. I’m not sure how much I want to write here about them, honestly – I could dissect and explain everything, but (as unlikely as it seems) I’m also hesitant about divulging too much detail. At the same time, I don’t want to be completely vague (“People were involved”).

The first dream featured Facebook messages that a onetime friend (once upon a time we corresponded via e-mail and MSN, then she started dating another friend of mine and the communication stopped- we’ve been mere acquaintances ever since) sent to me (possibly accidentally, but I remember being uncertain in the dream). In the first message, she was standing in a bathtub and appeared to be nude, but mostly covered by the white shower curtain she was standing behind. Her head, legs, and arms were visible, but I think her chest and torso, at least, were mostly behind the shower curtain. In front of the shower curtain, she was holding some kind of long, thin jar. The accompanying text message said something about what she had done in the jar – mixed or soaked something that I don’t remember now. Anyway, after seeing that, I looked at the clock on my computer and it was apparently about 3:50 PM, so I was rushing around to get ready for work, which included grabbing work clothes out of my closet and petting one of my roommate’s cats who had apparently curled up in my open sock drawer.

The second dream featured Tom Dickson, the host of the “Will it Blend?” video series on YouTube. All I remember about this dream is that it was supposed to be a cautionary video about not climbing an electrified fence to get dinosaur tears to make some kind of crystal, so it showed him climbing a fence in the dark, and then he climbed back over the fence with a small jar (maybe finger-length) containing a white crystal, maybe 2 or 3 inches long. The video ended with him driving a flatbed truck carrying a massive “jar” that contained a crystal (much bigger than the one shown earlier, apparently processed from dinosaur tears). Some teenage boys watched him drive by and made some comment, which prompted a dinosaur with a British accent (I don’t think it was Received Pronunciation) to say “That’s my daughter, you twat” and impale the teenager who had made the apparently offensive comment. Oddly, I seem to remember the dinosaur pre-impaling to be bipedal, like a pachycephalosaurus or something, but the teenager was apparently impaled by a ceratopsid (since I don’t think it was a triceratops, but something similar).


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