Current projects

Crusader Kings 2:

(After The End mod) ChAARiton: A history of the Dukes of Chariton (rulers of the lands once known as northern Missouri) and their descendants, starting in 2666. At present I’m thinking about ending this around 2766, after one century of gameplay, so I can update the mod to a more recent version. So far, according to Google Docs, I’ve written about 18 thousand words, and I still have at least 20 more years to write about, so I’ll probably meet or exceed 20 thousand words.

(CK2+ mod) AARkney (working title): A history of the Pictish chiefs of Orkney, starting in 769 and ending… well, whenever I feel like ending it, I guess. I haven’t worked on this very much, and have only started working on it briefly about a week ago.

Master of Magic:

(untitled): a narrative of the progress of a game of Master of Magic as a wizard specializing in Life and Sorcery magic (or, in Magic: the Gathering terms, White and Blue) and ruling a city of High Men. I’ve played the game for 20+ years now, and have come up with several characters. My goal at the moment is for a sort of generational saga, because I always enjoy reading those. While writing earlier today, I realized I need to do some research on medieval houses, and possibly urban society in general.


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