winding down

Once again, I haven’t written anything here for a while. This morning at 7 I registered for the spring 2016 semester, and after working until midnight last night and going to bed about 2:30 I set an alarm to go off a few minutes before 7 with the plan that I would wake up and be ready to register for classes, and then maybe do a few other things before going to my 11:15 business law class.

As planned, I woke up, rolled out of bed a few minutes before 7, and was ready a couple minutes before 7. This morning before going to bed I had picked out which sections I wanted to register for. My desired section of German 2 only had 4 seats available, and accounting 2 had a few more seats than that, but writing 1 (i.e., the class I tried taking last summer on campus and online last spring and the summer before that, never mind during my second semester of freshman year almost 6 years ago) and American History had, and have, a bunch of sections available because they’re required general education courses, so I picked out sections so I would be taking 2 classes every day of the week next semester (in contrast to this semester’s schedule of 1 class Monday/Wednesday/Friday and 3 classes back-to-back Tuesday/Thursday – not something I wish to repeat).

Anyway, I registered for classes, and then had to wait about 30 minutes before the university website was working so I could see that I had successfully registered. I was curious about how many people were also registering at the same time, but the website definitely wasn’t working very well. Considering the size of the student body, and my accumulated credit hours, I would be willing to bet there were a few thousand people online at the time, assuming they were all online at 7 this morning.

In other news, I’ve been working slightly fewer hours the last couple weeks, so that has been nice. Working 32 hours a week would be doable if I wasn’t also trying to take 12 hours of classes, but doing both is difficult. 24 hours is more manageable, particularly when it’s in the form of 3 8 hour shifts. Anyway, in the past week I think I’ve taken most of the last tests before the end of the semester. This year, instead of a “fall break” (a long weekend in October), we got a full week off at Thanksgiving. I probably would have worked during fall break anyway, but it would have been nice to have one. Unlike some people, since I live and work off-campus having a week off for Thanksgiving means very little to me, other than, I suppose, it being nice to have a week off classes. I thought it was funny last week when all of my teachers mentioned that we were nearing the end of the semester, though it makes sense considering that, if I remember correctly, the last day of classes is December 3.

As far as creative projects are concerned, I’m not sure I’ve made any progress writing, though I’ve played a lot of Springfield in the After the End mod so far this month. I haven’t played the Waltney game since Halloween, according to my notes, so I may have to change that. Earlier today I was having ideas for more After the End projects, which is not exactly helpful considering my current plans to make some progress on those before starting a new one.

Also, Saturday night I had the idea of starting a Crusader Kings 2 After the End mod game in observer mode, letting it run while I was sleeping, and seeing what happened. While looking for the console commands, I found a Reddit post suggesting that very approach (with the slight variation of letting the game “play” for 90 years) when looking for an interesting starting point in the “vanilla” game. I tried this idea Sunday morning and let the game run for about 8 hours (plus pausing and saving the game 7 times) before quitting, and the game in that time played for about 81.5 years (July 4, 2666 to January 2, 2748).


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