For some reason I woke up really early this morning. My usual routine, at least in the past few months (and now I don’t remember how long that time period is, but I’m going to say at least six months), has been to go to bed sometime after 2 AM, usually, and wake up somewhere after 9 PM. This morning, I woke up after 7 AM (I don’t remember exactly when, but between about 7:15 and 7:45), and after messing around with my phone for a while (hooray for having the Internet in the palm of your hand!), I got out of bed about 8 AM and had breakfast (Nutella on ricecakes).

After my roommate left for work and I got some coffee around 9, I got a little bit of writing homework done, which felt nice and is a welcome alternative to the lack of motivation/procrastination unto neglect that has plagued me the last couple weeks. Unfortunately, I think I was most productive before about 11 AM, but every little bit helps. Continue reading