For some reason I woke up really early this morning. My usual routine, at least in the past few months (and now I don’t remember how long that time period is, but I’m going to say at least six months), has been to go to bed sometime after 2 AM, usually, and wake up somewhere after 9 PM. This morning, I woke up after 7 AM (I don’t remember exactly when, but between about 7:15 and 7:45), and after messing around with my phone for a while (hooray for having the Internet in the palm of your hand!), I got out of bed about 8 AM and had breakfast (Nutella on ricecakes).

After my roommate left for work and I got some coffee around 9, I got a little bit of writing homework done, which felt nice and is a welcome alternative to the lack of motivation/procrastination unto neglect that has plagued me the last couple weeks. Unfortunately, I think I was most productive before about 11 AM, but every little bit helps.

For lunch I followed these instructions for making pasta in the microwave, adding ham and spaghetti sauce from the refrigerator after cooking the pasta with broccoli, onions, and peppers from the freezer. I usually don’t eat lunch, but it was good, and I think I’m going to have to start making pasta in the microwave more often, if only because I can’t always be bothered to make it on top of the stove.

I looked up the weather forecast this morning and there was a forecast for more snow somewhere between 3 and 9 PM, if I remember correctly. Since I was supposed to work 4-8 PM this afternoon, I had a feeling that meant I would end up driving through it to work, but instead I almost drove through it after work, since it started snowing heavily about 6:30. After about an hour of heavy snow it stopped. Tonight was a slow night at work, so I had trouble knowing what to do with myself (particularly when my manager, who I usually never see, was there for a while, and then her boss, who I had never met, except maybe a couple times in late 2013, was there for a while for some reason). When I got off work it had stopped snowing heavily, but I thought I still saw a few flakes falling. At any rate, there was about an inch of fresh snow on my car, so after wiping it off I drove back to my apartment.

It seemed like I saw cars that had gone off the road on nearly every block I passed, and I almost missed turning into my apartment complex’s parking lot after inertia carried me beyond where I had intended to turn. Naturally, another car was getting ready to leave, but I was able to back up and get back on course. Thank goodness for four wheel drive.

I don’t know why anyone would go anywhere in this weather for anything non-crucial. Of course, my definition of non-crucial is basically life-or-death matters, and not “Oh, I feel like going out to eat, even though it’s snowing heavily and the roads are a slick mess.” I’m not going to pretend to know anything about being a busy parent, though – instead, I’m a grumpy, poor, bachelor who isn’t interested in having kids for at least several more years, if ever. Personally, if I didn’t have to go anywhere and the weather was questionable/bad, I would cook a meal, and not be like “Oh, I don’t want to cook, I want [insert restaurant/food establishment here]” though, again, I can’t pretend to know what it’s like to be anything other than the aforementioned grumpy, poor bachelor I’ve pretty much always been since entering the working world after dropping out of college. Poor may be a slight exaggeration, now that I think about it, but I don’t exactly have ten thousand dollars in the bank for things like college tuition or a vehicle, much as I would prefer otherwise.

After the scare of missing the turn and getting into my apartment, I called and talked to my mom for a while. Thankfully, I don’t have to go anywhere tomorrow, and I’ll have to see what the roads look like before my appointment Thursday morning. Payday is Friday, and I need to make a trip to the grocery store, but I’m not sure yet what’s going to happen on that front – hopefully the roads improve, though I suppose I could always go after midnight and have flashbacks to my freshman year of college, when I used to shop at Wal-Mart late at night.


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