Still it moves

I am indeed still alive. I’m not entirely sure why I’d forgotten about this blog, but a friend recently posting an entry about her two-week hiatus from Facebook to her WordPress blog reminded me that I too have a WordPress blog. After skimming my previous entries, I realized I hadn’t written anything here for almost six months.

In early August 2014, I moved with my roommate to a new apartment, and about a week after we moved my brother moved to the same city I’ve been living in for a year and a half now (!) to attend university. In contrast to my half-time academic status, he’s a full-time student and, if I remember correctly, his goal is going into sports medicine (or physical therapy or something like that).

I’m having trouble thinking of any major events from the last six months, but I guess there doesn’t always have to be something exciting. (Below the cut: What I’ve been doing since July 2014)

I went to the state fair with my family in August about a week before the start of the semester, and in September I went to a friend’s baby shower. I hadn’t seen her or a few other friends that were there for a while, and I got to play some Cards Against Humanity, so that was fun.

In October I went with a group of friends (and some friends of friends) to a Renaissance Festival, ate Chinese carryout and vodka-soaked apples, played Cards Against Humanity and a few other games at a friend of a friend’s house in another city, and the next weekend I played RISK! and Cards Against Humanity with some other friends.

I’m drawing a blank on anything terribly exciting about November and December other than the end of the semester and getting to enjoy winter break, and my manager generously allowing me to take some vacation time, so I was able to go home for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

As for the realm of academics, last semester and this semester I’ve been lucky enough to be taking all of my classes online. Not having to worry about commuting to campus is nice, but the problem with online classes is being disciplined and organized enough to stay on top of things, and organization and study skills have never been my strong suit.

I took two classes this past fall: American Government and Java programming. In the case of American Government, I forgot about one of the 4 unit tests, which didn’t exactly improve my grade. As for Java programming, I failed to work very hard at it, and despite the mid-term exam going surprisingly well and doing well on all of the quizzes, the program we were supposed to write for our final exam baffled me.

The spring 2015 semester started last week, and I’m taking Writing 1 and Computer Applications for Business. The first time I “took” writing was during my freshman year of college, and I made the mistake of signing up for a section that met at 9 AM. After going to the first day of class, I decided I didn’t like it and made the brilliant decision to simply not go. I was usually awake in time to go, but somehow I never managed to leave my dorm room and walk across campus to attend the class. In retrospect (hindsight being, of course, 20/20) I should have just dropped the class or made the best of it, but so far I’m not terribly interested in either class. Computer Applications for Business, based on what little I’ve done so far, is going to be how to use Excel and other Microsoft products. Wouldn’t it be a shame if I had already learned all about that in a high school class in 2005/2006? Oh wait, I probably did (though admittedly, there’s been a few versions of Windows and Microsoft Office since then).

Annoying writing class aside, the good news is that I have a few days off work, and I get paid Friday. Other than online class assignments due tomorrow, I should probably dedicate some time to laundry, relaxing, and continuing to work on other assignments and hobbies. I’m not really feeling like writing anything else here right now, so I suppose I’ll write more later.


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