Winter Winds

The title for this post comes from the Mumford and Sons song, though considering my recent YouTube music consumption, a song from Hudson Taylor would also be appropriate, and arguably more so considering my ex-girlfriend introduced me to Hudson Taylor a few months ago.

I’m not sure how to begin. As I wrote in my last post, I’ve thought about writing about my relationship that ended just over a month ago, but after explaining the title I chose for this post I realized that I wasn’t sure what to say. It’s tempting to relate the title to the weather, which has been quite variable lately (bitterly cold, snowed and near 0°F early last week, warmed up to near 60°F this weekend, rained yesterday, around 35°F and windy today and some snow this evening), but I’ll try to resist the urge to digress too much. Continue reading


Beginnings and Endings

I hadn’t realized it had been more than six months since I wrote here, but somehow that’s not a surprise. I know I had forgotten I had this blog until recently- and I don’t even remember what reminded me. I think it was visiting some site that used WordPress.

Anyway, the big story in my personal life of the last month is breaking up with the girl that I had been in a relationship with for two years. While I’ve been wanting to write about it (particularly since we have sort of started communicating again), I also am leery of writing too much here. Among other reasons, it’s weird imagining her reading anything I write here (though I don’t think I ever told her I had a blog), to say nothing of her current boyfriend, her family, or Internet archaeologists of the future. Haha. Anyway, to abbreviate a long story, she had started talking about wanting an engagement ring and a wedding proposal soon, and I didn’t want to propose to her. After several weeks of arguing about it and her departure for the winter break, she gave me the ultimatum of either proposing or breaking up. I didn’t want to propose, so we broke up. We maintained sporadic contact (mostly initiated by her) for about the next week and a half, and at some point I apparently made her think I had changed my mind. Once I told her that I hadn’t, she said she didn’t want to talk to me unless I had changed my mind or unless it was about getting her stuff back. Aside from a few text messages, some of which I’m sure were intended to make me jealous or otherwise upset, we had stopped talking, which has been its own adjustment. I can write more about that later.

Unfortunately, the spring semester began Tuesday. On the bright side, I only have one class Tuesdays and Thursdays, but this good news is somewhat marred by the fact this class is at 9:30 AM (not good news for this night owl, especially on nights I work until midnight) and the fact that Mondays and Wednesdays this semester I have three classes spaced out between 11:15 AM and 6:45 PM. Of course, since the semester just started, I haven’t had any serious assignments yet, but I’m not looking forward to having assignments and projects due.

In other news, I’ve been playing a lot of Stellaris lately (and this was particularly true before this week). I decided to start working on another AAR, this time based on playing as a Trade League (ethoi: Pacifist Xenophile Materialist) after playing a brief game because I had never tried the Corporate Dominion civic. At the moment I’ve been having mild “writer’s block” not quite knowing how I want to start it. I have decided I want this to be sort of a history, rather than the narrative story based on another Stellaris game that I played last summer. With that in mind, I’ve decided I want to start with a sort of prologue of the first ruler’s term covering the first twenty years of the game. Right now I think I’ve decided on listing the achievements of the first term (information about planets colonized, technologies researched, economic growth, diplomacy, etc.) before I start writing the history proper. Of course, before I write that history, I’ll also have to play past 2220, and decide whether I want to go with the random election, or burn most of my current Influence reserve and keep my current ruler for another twenty years. Decisions, decisions.

Well, I’m overdue to go to bed, so that’s all for now. I’ll try to write more here later- if nothing else, writing a blog post might make me feel more accomplished than some of the alternatives.

So long (in various senses)

Once again, the time has come for me to write here. I hadn’t realized until I logged in and read my notifications that my last post was nearly a month ago- I guess I forgot.

Near the end of last month I realized that my summer was about half over, which was somewhat sad, and I have about a month and a week until my fall semester begins August 21, so that doesn’t help. Unfortunately, my computer has not been working for roughly the past two weeks, so my plans to play many hours of Stellaris have hit a roadblock and I’ve been badly suffering from withdrawal. Well, not really. Unfortunately, my most recent game of Stellaris (featuring my custom empire of theocratic xenophobic militaristic Space-Elves, and the story I had/have been planning based on the game) has suffered; I hope that I won’t have to completely reboot, but it’s possible that I may have to format the hard drive that all of my personal files were installed on, and I may end up losing some things. Continue reading

Long time no see

I haven’t written here for a while, but once again, since I renewed my domain registration I figured I might as well write something here.

I’ve been working a lot this week, unfortunately. I’m very close to being overtime (due to agreeing to work 4 hours on two of my three days off this week), so I was told to come in an hour late tonight. I may have to do that again tomorrow night, but I suppose we’ll see. I’m hoping tonight isn’t busy, but again, I guess I’ll find out for myself in a few hours.

I feel like I should be writing more about what I’ve been up to lately, but at the same time it doesn’t seem like there’s been very much. Working, as I’ve already mentioned. I was a full-time student again during the last academic year, and this past spring I took a web design class which was interesting and covered HTML, Javascript, Bootstrap, and XML. I also took a finance class because it’s required due to my major being part of the College of Business at my university. I took it online, which in hindsight may have been a mistake, but when I re-took that class as an intersession class (during the three weeks between the spring semester ending and the start of summer classes), I improved my grade from a D to a B, so that was satisfactory.

Since my class ended last week (has it really been a week?), I’ve been enjoying my increased free time by playing lots of Stellaris (when I’m not working). I may write more here later, and considering I’m paying for this domain, as I’ve said, I really should start writing here again more often.

For now, auf Wiedersehen.

April come she will

I know, I haven’t written here for a while. Spring break was nice, but that was about a month ago. I can’t remember right now anything particularly interesting that happened since my last post, but I know I’ve worked and attended classes. Easter weekend (a couple weeks after spring break) I went with my family to Oklahoma City, so that was fun (though more because I had never been to Oklahoma, rather than my “enjoyment” of professional basketball games or crowds).

Strangely, I have only a few days left before turning 25. Getting old is weird. How am I nearly halfway through my 20s?

In other news, the weather has (unfortunately) been nice lately, which I suppose isn’t actually that bad, but I wouldn’t mind more cold, rainy days.

I guess I don’t really have any coherent reason to write a blog post, but I know I have stuff I should be doing (dishes, accounting homework, the next paper for my writing class), but I don’t really want to do anything before working from 4 to 8 PM tonight. It’s weird to think about there being only about a month left in the semester, but it’s true. My German teacher said something today about there only being a month left of class, which means we only meet 9 more times after today.

Lately I haven’t been reading or writing anywhere near as much as I would like, but I’ll have to figure out a way to change that, even if new updates for Crusader Kings 2 and Europa Universalis 4 force my favorite mods to update. My recent games have been enjoyable, but the latest EU4 expansion came out today, and I’m definitely looking forward to the Super States mod being updated (though sadly, my  game as Florida from the previous version of the game will probably be ended once I reach 1500 or so).

It’s kind of frustrating having ideas and insufficient time to act on them, but it probably wouldn’t hurt to be more diligent (or something).

Still it moves

I am indeed still alive. I’m not entirely sure why I’d forgotten about this blog, but a friend recently posting an entry about her two-week hiatus from Facebook to her WordPress blog reminded me that I too have a WordPress blog. After skimming my previous entries, I realized I hadn’t written anything here for almost six months.

In early August 2014, I moved with my roommate to a new apartment, and about a week after we moved my brother moved to the same city I’ve been living in for a year and a half now (!) to attend university. In contrast to my half-time academic status, he’s a full-time student and, if I remember correctly, his goal is going into sports medicine (or physical therapy or something like that).

I’m having trouble thinking of any major events from the last six months, but I guess there doesn’t always have to be something exciting. (Below the cut: What I’ve been doing since July 2014) Continue reading


I’ve had this blog for a year now, and I’ve written 10 posts (well, 11 counting this one). After renewing the domain name registration yesterday, I decided that if I’m going to bother shelling out 26 dollars for a year of registration I might as well make it worth my while, so I’ve resolved to post here more often. I’m not certain what I’ll write about, but perhaps I can deposit some of my creative writing here. What else are blogs for, right?

I don’t think I personally know any of the 16 people who currently follow this blog in real life, but much the same could be said about my 66 Tumblr followers – of those, I know 3 or 4 in real life, and the other 63 are people who apparently decided I was worth following. At least I know most of my Facebook friends in real life, though I’ve considered trimming my friends list a bit because there are a few people I’ve never been particularly close to. Anyone I graduated high school with (might) get a pass,  but of those 30-odd Facebook friends (since a few people have deactivated their Facebook account) that still leaves another 180-something people with active accounts. For example, from the people I met during my freshman year of college (almost 5 years ago), there are several people I’d consider friends who I’m not at all interested in deleting, and there’s also at least one guy I never remember talking to, but we lived on the same floor of the dorm, so I assume I added him at some point during the heady days at the beginning of the year when “add everyone who lives on your floor and everyone you meet on Facebook” doesn’t seem weird. Oh, freshmen.

It also seems really weird to think about how today’s the halfway point of the year. I wonder what the last half of 2014 holds? I wonder what I’ll be doing to celebrate New Year’s? Questions, questions, questions.