Everything is [mostly] okay

Last week could have been better. Now I don’t remember what, if anything, was wrong with the beginning of the week, but the middle and end of the week were not good. I suspect procrastination was to blame for most of my frustration, but I’m in a better mood today (probably due to having a day off).

I think I’ve already mentioned it here, but this semester I’m taking two online classes- Writing 1 and Computer Applications for Business online. The Apps for Business class has been easy- it’s a class covering Microsoft Excel 2013, and before last week the assignments have been simple things like applying text formatting to cells. Since my computer has Ubuntu, rather than Microsoft Windows, and I don’t have Microsoft Office, I’ve been going to campus once a week and knocking the week’s assignments out in less than an hour. Last week the assignment featured the VLOOKUP function, which I had never used before, so I actually had to think slightly more than usual about the assignment. It was (not actually) horrible!

In contrast, the writing class features genuine effort – online discussion boards to post in, and writing assignments- a journal entry, a paper, and sometimes peer reviews each week. Honestly, I haven’t been keeping up with this class. Last Thursday, I had the idea of dropping the class and trying again another semester (which I’ve already done once with this stupid class last summer), but my mom dissuaded me from that course of action, and I decided to go ahead and try my best with the 11 weeks or so that remain. We’ll see how that goes.

Last Friday saw an improvement in my general mood. I went to campus, did the week’s Computer Apps for Business assignment, and followed up on an idea I’d had within the last couple weeks of visiting the counseling center and setting something up. After filling out the initial paperwork, indicating my problems were with motivation and procrastination, and the initial meeting with a grad student, the ball is officially rolling, somehow, for me to meet with someone in that office. When I tried calling later that day to see when my appointment was, I apparently wasn’t in the system yet, but I’ll have to try calling tomorrow, since the university is closed today for President’s Day.

Working this weekend has been somewhat stressful – Friday I was originally scheduled to have off, but a coworker who usually works the register during the weekend had a funeral he was going to go to, so several people’s schedules got shuffled around, and I said I’d work for four hours Friday night. It had been a while since I’d worked a Friday night, and it was fairly busy. Saturday night, by contrast, wasn’t (I had assumed it would be, but since it was Valentine’s Day I think most people opted for something other than pizza and/or sub sandwiches). Last night there were only two of us working, so I had to help the cashier several times by working at the other cash register, and while the pizza orders were never too overwhelming, it was frustrating when I was trying to get everything done in the last hour and people were wanting sub sandwiches after I had already cleaned the sub sandwich preparation area. There was also the winter weather that came through – some ice, snow, and sleet. There was about 0.1 inch of ice under an inch or two of snow on my car after work, and my car had to warm up for like 20 minutes before I could make any progress breaking the ice.

About 11 PM a couple came in and were wanting a couple sandwiches, and the woman said something about nothing being open. At the time I said something innocuous like “Oh yeah”, which seems to be about 90% of what I say at work anyway, but while I was trying to clean afterwards I was thinking “Surely ‘nothing being open’ has nothing to do with it being 11 PM on a Sunday night, the day before President’s Day, and the winter weather.”

Today, however, I have the day off (and, after getting home from work at like 1 AM, I stayed up until about 4 AM) and slept until almost noon, and since it’s a new week I’m actually kind of optimistic, or at least in a much better mood than I was last week. Last night I thought, and I still do, that the 2 inches of snow covering everything was pretty, but that’s probably only helped by the fact I don’t have to go anywhere before tomorrow afternoon.


2 thoughts on “Everything is [mostly] okay

    • I know I’ve enjoyed it in the past, but when I was asked why I had sought counseling it was tempting to say something about wanting a captive audience. I don’t remember now if I thought of saying that in the meeting or if I only thought of that several hours later.

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