A winter’s day

Originally, I was going to title this post “Hello, world” a la programming, then I thought of “Hello again, world”, which led to “Hello darkness my old friend”, from Simon and Garfunkel, which in turn led to their song “I Am a Rock”: “A winter’s day/in a deep and dark December”. Today being the winter solstice, it seemed particularly fitting (though the sun is shining, and recently the weather around here hasn’t seemed particularly wintry).

So, what’s been happening? I don’t remember offhand when I last wrote here, but I’m sure it’s been a minimum of a few months. In lieu of condensing six (or more) months into a post, I’ll just say that I ended this semester (and my college undergraduate career) on a strong note. Despite unexpected car trouble (after retrieving the book I loaned to my ex-girlfriend), I did well on the final presentation for one class and I apparently did well enough on the final paper for my other class, so I’m satisfied with the results.

I’ve been working less lately, which has been a nice change, though I still need to spend some time over this winter break looking for a new job, or an internship, or something. I think I’ve been burned out on my current job since at least the start of the school year- possibly, if not probably, longer than that. Continue reading

and it started so well

Today was going well until I decided to restart my computer after installing some updates.

I slept in till about 11, had scrambled eggs with sausage, onion, and green pepper for brunch, got some homework and laundry done, had spaghetti for lunch, and decided to go ahead and restart my computer to finish installing updates.

Something was apparently messed up, because I then wasn’t able to boot Ubuntu properly, and after fiddling around trying to delete an old version of the kernel I apparently deleted (or otherwise rendered inaccessible) everything I had accumulated in the last month since my last drastic computer problem(s).

The good news is that I still had an older version of Ubuntu installed on the other hard drive, so I still have all the data from before the motherboard in my old computer failed, but now I have a hard drive that may or may not still have other stuff on it and nothing works properly with my old hard drive.

On the one hand, I want to fiddle with it until it works properly, but on the other hand I’m already sick of messing with it and I just want everything to work perfectly.

Long story short, looks like I’ll have to restart my attempt at writing about the Crusader Kings 2: After the End mod game.